Assessing The Mets Under Omar Minaya

For fan conclusions, I posted two polls. One overwhelmingly (90.2%) seemed to suggest fans think Omar is "not an above average general manager" 

Another asked four more questions :

1) Do you think the Mets have made more good free agent acquisitions than bad since 2005?

53% responded yes

2) Do you think the Mets have been an above average team since 2005?

72% responded yes

3) On a scale of 1 to 10, would you rate Omar Minaya above 5?

48% responded yes

4) Do you think the Mets have made more good trades than bad since 2005?

56% responded yes

In my personal opinion, I don’t think Omar is a great GM, I don’t even think he’s been a good GM, I think he’s been slightly above average but to say he’s been below average is hyperbole. My hypothesis is that Omar Minaya is “not a below average GM”

Here’s my assessment of his track record as Mets general manager:

Trade History

Let’s look at trade history first

To give a full, detailed assessment of ever single one of these transactions would take more time than I am willing to devote to this. Maybe in another post I will attempt to tackle that exercise, but for the purposes of this post, we will simply give him a + for a win, a - for a loss, or = for even or inconsequential.

= (neither have been good in 2010) 01/22/10 Trade
 d Brian Stokes to the Angels for Gary Matthews Jr and $20M 

+ (Carter has been tearing it up in the minors, Wagner is near retirement) 08/25/09 Traded Billy Wagner to the Red Sox for
 Chris Carter and Eddie Lora 
= 08/08/09 Traded cash or PTBN to the Cubs for Jason Dubois 
= 08/06/09 Traded Greg Veloz to the Nationals for Anderson Hernandez 
+ (Frenchie has been great) 07/10/09 Traded Ryan Church to the Braves for Jeff Francoeur 
= 05/30/09 Traded Ramon Castro to the White Sox for Lance Broadway 

- (At the time, looked like a steal for Putz, Mets didn’t do proper medical review to know Putz had arm issues) 12/10/08 Traded Aaron Heilman , Endy Chavez , Jason Vargas, Mike Carp , Ezequiel Carrera and Maikel Cleto to the Mariners for J.J. Putz , Sean Green , and Jeremy Reed .
= 12/12/08 Traded Scott Schoeneweis and cash to the Diamondbacks for Conner Roberton
= 08/17/08 Traded Anderson Hernandez to the Nationals for Luis Ayala 
= 06/13/08 Traded cash to the Diamondbacks for Trot Nixon
+ 02/02/08 Traded Carlos Gomez , Deolis Guerra , Philip Humber and Kevin Mulvey to the Twins for Johan Santana 
+ (Pagan has performed well above the players he was traded for) 01/05/08 Traded Corey Coles and Ryan Meyers to the Cubs for Angel Pagan 

+ (Church netted Franceour) 11/30/07 Traded Lastings Milledge to the Nationals for Ryan Church and Brian Schneider 
= 11/28/07 Traded cash to the Rays for Brian Stokes 
= 11/20/07 Traded Guillermo Mota to the Brewers for Johnny Estrada
= 08/20/07 Traded Jose Castro and Sean Henry to the Reds for Jeff Conine
= 08/17/07 Traded cash or PTBN to the Pirates for Luis Matos 
= 08/06/07 Traded cash or PTBN to the Marlins for Chad Hermanson
=07/30/07 Traded Dustin Martin and Drew Butera to the Twins for Luis Castillo 

- (Bannister hasn’t been great but Burgos was a bust) 12/06/06 Traded Brian Bannister to the Royals for Ambiorix Burgos
- (Lindstrom has been a solid bullpen arm) 11/20/06 Traded Henry Owners and Matt Lidnstrom to the Marlins for Adam Bostick and Jason Vargas
- (Bell has been great) 11/15/06 Traded Health Bell and Royce Ring to the Padres for Jon Adkins and Ben Johnson
= 08/30/06 Traded Victor Diaz to the Rangers for Mike Nickeas 
= 08/22/06 Traded Evan Maclane to the Diamondbacks for Shawn Green and cash
= 08/20/06 Traded cash or PTBN to the Indians for Guillermo Mota
= (Tough call. Nady hasn’t been great, Hernandez was a great bullpen arm while here, Perez totally inconsistant and now overpaid, all said, about equal) 07/31/06 Traded Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez 
= 07/19/06 Traded Jeff Keppinger to the Royals for Ruben Gotay 
= 06/09/06 Traded Kazuo Matsui and cash to the Rockies for Eli Marrero
= 05/26/06 Traded Geremi Gonzalez to the Brewers for Mike Adams
= 05/25/06 Traded Robert Manuel to the Reds for David Williams and cash
+ (solid contributions by Hernandez) 05/24/06 Traded Jorge Julio to the Diamondbacks for Orlando Hernandez
= (Pagan has been solid) 01/25/06 Traded Angel Pagan to the Cubs for Cash
+ (Maine has been inconsistant but well above Benson) 01/22/06 Traded Kris Benson to the Orioles for Jorgo Julio and John Maine 
+ (Sanchez was a big contributor in 06) 01/04/06 Traded Jae Wong Seo and Tim Hamulack to the Dodgers for Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll

+ (Lo Duca solid contributor, Gaby/Dante did nothing) 12/05/05 Traded Gaby Hernandez and Dante Brinkley to the Marlins for Paul Lo Duca
= 11/28/05 Traded Cash to the Pirates for Tike Redman
+ (Delgado well above anyone else in this deal) 11/24/05 Traded Mike Jacobs , Yusmeiro Petit and Grant Posmas to the Marlins for Carlos Delgado and Cash
- (Cameron was well above Nady) 11/18/05 Traded Mike Cameron to the Padres for Xzvier Nady
= 05/20/05 Traded Jed Hansen to the Giants for Cash
= 04/02/05 Traded Matt Ginter to the Tigers for Steve Colyer
= 04/01/05 Traded Andy Dominique to the Blue Jays for Cash
= 03/31/05 Traded Pat Mahomes to the Dodgers for Cash pr PTBN
= 03/28/05 Traded Cash to the Mariners for Benji Gil
= 03/24/05 Traded Cash to the Indians for Fernando Lunar
= 03/20/05 Traded Jason Phillips to the Dodgers for Kazuhisa Ishii
= 01/27/05 Traded Ian Bladergroen to the Red Sox for Doug Mientkiewicz and Cash
= 01/05/05 Traded Vance Wilson to the Tigers for Anderson Hernandez

= 12/03/04 traded Mike Stanton to the Yankees for Feliz Heredia

Totals :

+ deals : 10
= deals : 33
- deals : 5

Net : +5 on the trading chart

Signing History


- Pedro Martinez
+ Carlos Beltran
- Kris Benson
= Ramon Castro
+ Roberto Hernandez
+ Marlon Anderson
= Chris Woodward
= Miguel Cairo


+ Billy Wagner
+ Jose Valentin
- Julio Franco
+ Endy Chavez
+ Chad Bradford
- Jorge Julio
+ Tom Glavine
+ Orlando Hernandez


= Damion Easley
- Chan-ho Park
- Guillermo Mota
- Scott Schoeneweis
- Aaron Sele
= Luis Castillo
- Jeff Conine


- Moises Alou
= Damion Easley
- Luis Castillo
+ Duaner Sanchez
= Fernando Tatis
- Trot Nixon


= Fernando Tatis
+ Carlos Delgado
- Francisco Rodriguez
- Tim Redding
- Alex Cora
- Duaner Sanchez
- Jeremy Reed
- Ryan Church
+ Angel Pagan
- John Maine
- Oliver Perez
+ Pedro Feliciano
- Livan Hernandez
+ Omir Santos 
= Cory Sullivan 


+ Rod Barajas
+ Henry Blanco
- Mike Jacobs
- (Hasn’t fulfilled his contract yet) Jason Bay
- Frank Catalanotto
= Jason Pridie
= Jay Marshall
+ Hisanori Takahashi
+ Ryota Igarashi
- Kelvim Escobar

Draft Picks

+ 2005 Mike Pelfrey (1st Round)
+ 2005 Jon Niese (7th Round)
+ 2006 Kevin Mulvey (2nd Round)
+ 2006 Joe Smith (3rd Round)
+ 2007 Eddie Kunz (1st Round)
- 2007 Nathan Vineyard (1st Round)
- 2007 Brant Rustich (2nd Round)
+ 2008 Ike Davis (1st Round)
+ 2008 Reese Havens (1st Round)
+ 2008 Brad Holt (1st Round)

Totals :

+ deals : 26
= deals : 11
- deals : 27

Net : -1 on the signing chart

Net Trades + Signing = (+5) + (-1) = +4



Median Salary : $1,150,000
Payroll : $101,305,821
Record : 83-79
Finish : 3rd
Playoffs : No


Median Salary : $912,500
Payroll : $101,084,963
Record : 97-65
Finish : 1st
Playoffs : Won NLDS, Lost NLCS


Median Salary : $1,487,500
Payroll : $115,231,663
Record : 88-74
Finish : 2nd
Playoffs : No


Median Salary : $1,993,750
Payroll : $137,793,376
Record : 89-73
Finish : 2nd
Playoffs : No 


Median Salary : ?
Payroll : ?
Record : 70-92
Finish : 4th
Playoffs : No 


Looking at each acquisition through trade or signing as a win or a loss, Omar has net a total of 4 positive acquisitions. One could argue that some losses or wins are more impactful than others. That’s for another day. This isn’t a definitive assessment of Omar, it is one layer of the examination.

In my initial estimations, I would conclude that Omar has made more good moves during his tenure than bad, and has had better results than more than half the teams in baseball. Leading me to conclude that he is not a below average general manager.

Hat tip to these resources used to compile the resume of Omar Minaya:

Tartans on CBS Sportsline

Brendan Bianowicz

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